How to improve staff productivity – Improve your VoIP Business

How to improve staff productivity – Improve your VoIP Business

Working longer hours is rarely the answer to increased output. As companies look to improve their margins, the key is to get people working more productively.

Here are a few ideas for improving staff productivity:

Offer employee rewards

Providing the right level of remuneration is important – this keeps workers motivated in their jobs and also eager to stay with the company. Every time a skilled person leaves, it hurts the business as they need replacing with an untrained recruit. However, the company must be able to afford pay and benefits – it’s no use offering very high salaries and other incentives if the business is already in the red.

Embrace remote working

Allowing staffs to work from home or another off-site location can boost their morale, as they may be able to spend more time with the family. It can also allow them to make better use of the full working day, particularly if they normally engage in a lengthy commute. People who do not spend an hour travelling into and out of work every day may be more willing to work early mornings and evenings – or even weekends – if needs be to get their work finished.

Use mobile technology

The use of connected mobile solutions such as smartphones and media tablets allows staffs to keep working while they are away from the office. If they are on a bus or train, or away on a business trip, it is possible to access files and documents online and continue working.

Promote team working

Often, staffs who collaborate and work together effectively are the most productive members of staff. The ability to bounce ideas off one another, and offer different viewpoints on particular tasks, can lead to improved overall results. The use of online productivity portals such as SipCo CRM can help in this regard – different individuals can work simultaneously on the same documents, and share their contributions in real-time.

Find out more about how SipCo CRM can help your staff to be more productive.

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