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Have you ever thought of your data (voice as well as text) privacy while communicating over Internet and public switched telephone networks (PSTN)?  If you are interested in the voice and texting privacy, the best solution is Secure Voice and this is the post for you.

As VoIP Systems and Instant Messaging Systems are internet based, they come with high security standards and at the same time, they are prone to new security breaches and threats.

It is obvious that many organisations and people use third party instant messaging systems or voice calling applications like whatsapp , skype , viber etc.., to exchange sensitive information such as passwords and organisation’s confidential information.

When an end user make App to App call, say for example skype-to-skype or message from WhatsApp, the voice or data will  pass through  the servers of App Provider and an average end user doesn’t know  what is happening in the backend and how the voice packets are being processed.



We never know what happens to our data/voice when using third-party applications. Third party may intercept it or record/save it or share it with with Other Agencies as part of Regulatory Requirements or even they may sell it to some other commercial agencies. Further, your communication may be tapped to the undue benefit of others.

Everyone wants to protect their privacy. You can’t have privacy without security.  So, one must secure their network first with firewalls, intrusion preventing systems, OS level security patches.

Protecting the privacy of communication is possible by setup your own voice and instant processing systems with encryption protocols  activated.  To build  a  secure voice communication network, we can use  SIP with TLS  and ZRTP. We can use OTR with XMPP  to build secure instant messaging networks. The additional advantage with this setup is to be able to talk to the users of external domains like Google Talk, Facebook, etc whenever needed without any third party plugins.

secure realtime communication


SipCo Systems has expertise in building dedicated Secure Voice and Text Messaging Networks  by extending  existing available SIP Client and Server Applications to fit to the requirements of Customers with user friendly web interfaces to manage end users and to check call records (CDR). You may find below some of the screenshots of the admin user interface for your information.

You may contact us for building your own Secure Voice and Text Messaging Network for your Organisation and even for your Personal Communication as per your custom requirements or for LIVE Demo or for any additional information.

You can reach our team @ +1-818 436 6520 (Tel) / (Email) / (Skype) or visit

Secure VoIP_DashBoard

secure VoIP_cdrs

sceure VoIP _users





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