A GUI tool for Asterisk Auto Paging & Announcement schedule

With thousands of asterisk plugins out there ,many people choose asterisk as their IPPBX  for its Flexibility and larger development base  .

There are some  free paging plugins are available for FreePBX . Some commercial paging/announcement plugins like paging pro for freepbx   can be used for scheduling announcements using  your asterisk PBX .

Asterisk can be used to schedule school bells  or schedule announcements  in factories , bus stations  etc.,

There are some hardware based  PA systems in the market for broadcasting   pre-recorded announcements, warning alarms or tones, music and schedule school bells .

Using  SipCo  IP PA tool  you can  upload   pre-recorded wav  files to asterisk PBX  and schedule the announcements .


SipCo Systems offers   IP PA system Free License  for Lifetime  .

If your requirement is  playing announcements or alerts or school bells  , you just  need a small computer or raspberry PI on which you can  install asterisk and SipCo Paging GUI  tool on top of it.

Basic Features :
  • scheduling   announcements , alerts ,school bells , factory bells  etc.,
  • view all scheduled  announcements
  • delete scheduled announcements


school bells system


You can contact SipCo Systems for extended features or customisation of Asterisk based  Public announcement system .












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