Latest Security Issue that affects VoIP SoftSwitches – HeartBleed Vulnerability

As we discussed in our earlier posts, there are a lot of Security Vulnerabilities in VoIP Softswitches. Recently, one more risk has been added to the long list. That is…. HeartBleed Vulnerability. Let us discuss in brief, what it is, how it affects the VoIP Businesses, how can we find it out and how can we fix it.


Now a days, most of the VoIP SoftSwitches are web based. It’s secured and good practice to use SSL Certificate for your SoftSwitch Web Interface as the SSL encrypts sensitive information and prevents MIM (Man-in-the-middle) Attacks.

If you already have SSL for Softswitch web interface, it’s now time to check whether it is affected by the recently discovered bug in OpenSSL known as “HeartBleed”.

If you are not updated your SoftSwitch or any other Web-based Application, your softswitch or application may be opened to the risk of HeartBleed Vulnerability.

So, you are requested to check by clicking here whether your softswitch or application is in risk or updated with the OpenSSL Security Patch.

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