Open Source SMS broadcasting Solution

Install and configure your personal sms gateway for free !  yes we are glad to announce the release of  free SMS broadcasting application . This application is based on gammu sms gateway .   and source is  availabe on github .


List Of Features:

  • Incoming and outgoing SMS
  • SMS broadcasting
  • subscription Opt-out  for SMS marketing
  • Excel contacts upload
  • Contact Groups
  • Schedule SMS
  • USSD balance information
  • multipart messaging

Kannel SMS gateway support will be available soon


So what you can do with this SMS broadcasting application ?

This application can be used as a cost effective sms marketing solution for small  business .

You can   compose and send a single or multiple sms to the contacts from this application .

You can schedule birthday greetings so that you will never be sorry for forgetting to wish your friends birthday

You can write a message and choose when to send that sms to the selected  contacts from the application ( schedule a sms ) . So that system will send the stored SMS automatically .

Who can use this application ?

Individuals who want to send greetings or invitation messages to a group of contacts ,Small businesses who can not afford the cost of bulk-sms marketing   and non profit organisations .

Make sure your telecom provider allows sending commercial SMS from your SIM card before using it for commercial purpose.

What you need  ? 

SIM card ,supported GSM modems  ( example :  Huawei e173 , Huawei e1550 etc.,) , A linux system

How can you further customise  this application  ?

You can  contact us .  SipCo systems can implement new features according to your requirements .






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  1. How I can get Sipcall?
    Shall I let my rest of 40 Fr. again for nothing?

  2. Abdul Rehman says:

    Thanks for sharing information on SMS Broadcasting. I really appreciate it

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