SipCo Auto Dialer – a Voice Broadcast and Text Messaging Solution

SipCo Auto Dialer is a voice broadcast and text messaging solution that automatically sends phone calls and SMS to the large number at a time.

With the use of SipCo Auto Dialer, it’s very easy to contact massive targets (whether they be members, subscribers, constituents, employees, suppliers or customers) almost immediately.

It can be used for announcing about a new product launch, mass emergency broadcasting, subscription renewal remainders, passing information or offers to customers and so on.  Instant delivery of message and large area coverage in just a matter of seconds is the core advantage of the dialer.

Key Features of SipCo Auto Dialer are as follows:

  • Play pre-recorded audio or use text to speech to a contact on answer
  • Simple interface for uploading audio files
  • Text to Speech ¬†(TTS) Support
  • Supports SMS broadcasting
  • Import Contacts from .csv files
  • It can be managed via a Web interface
  • Auto-Redial – Can re-try to the non connected numbers at a later time
  • Supports multiple users to create their own voice and text message broadcast campaigns for different departments within an organization
  • Throttle Concurrent Calls Scheduling
  • Highly Scalable to make millions of calls per day
  • Realtime and Extensive Reporting
  • White-labeling

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