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We are happy to announce that the SipCo WebDialer beta is released and it’s absolutely free for SipCo Existing Customers.

What is WebDialer??  Why it’s needed???

Internet has revolutionized computer world. While internet browsers are the mostly used applications in day to day life. The browser providers were busy working on latest features and improvements in browsers. There was still a need of incorporating RealTime Communications via browsers. That is where WebRTC came into. Google has released its opensource realtime websocket project code called WebRTC in 2011.Though WebRTC is the latest technology and not all the browsers have been adopted it, WebRTC is becoming more popular in recent years .

WebRTC made the browser based real-time communication like realtime media streaming and peer-to-peer file sharing from internet browsers possible. The following are the WebRTC supported browsers:

WebRTC supported Browsers

WebRTC supported Browsers

Many people worked on leveraging SIP into WebRTC. Skype like services are getting ready with WebRTC implemented (Ref: http://blogs.skype.com/2014/10/27/bringing-interoperable-real-time-communications-to-the-web/). When it comes to SIP, WebRTC opened a wide range of scenarios like Click-to-Call , Video Calling via SIP servers , relatime instant messaging and many more .
At the same time, SIP is more complex when combined with WebRTC in terms of successful setup as there are many things taken into consideration like NAT issues, packet loss between browser and SIP servers etc.
We have released a beta version of WebDialer from which End user can make calls by just entering Operator Code and SIP account details. End user doesn’t need to know IP adderss of their server and their SIP server doesn’t need to support WebRTC. We take care of bridging their Browser and their SIP server.

This beta version of WebDialer is based on WebRTC. You just need a browser like Google Chrome, Firefox , etc and no need to install any plugin. It works on any operating systems with the WebRTC supporting browser installed on it. Make internet calls from browser on mobile phones without installing any SIP client software.

It will auto save your credentials and this way when you close and reopen the browser, you can eliminate the need of retyping your account details.
Try our demo here at http://goo.gl/wOJpNL  or Contact us

calling from browser -webdialer


As we are using a very small virtual server exclusively  for WebDialer Demo purpose , You may face slow website loading sometimes  if our server is overloaded with requests . Also some SIP servers may need configuration tweaking at our end  to make it compatible with SIP server . So please contact us if you have any questions regarding Our WebDialer.


Note : We also customise WebRTC client, and handle webRTC based projects to meet your requirements. Also, we can work on screen-sharing from browser, Video Calling and Instant messaging, Click-to-call with WebRTC ( No browser plugin needed for click-to-call)  and Server side installations and configuration.

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